The Visit (2000)

Performance by the cast of The Visit at Bowdoin College, Fall 2000.

Francis was commissionned by Bowdoin Professor of Theater Davis Robinson to compose music for the final scene of Friedrich Dürrenmatt's play The Visit. (Der Besuch der alten Dame, English translation by Patrick Bowles.)

Gazillionaire Claire Zachanassian has finally exacted revenge on her former lover Alfred Ill, having bribed the inhabitants of the little town of Guellen into killing him. As she departs for Capri with Ill's coffin, she hands over a check to the Mayor. In this final scene, the town justifies its murder by describing the hardships and the abject poverty in which it had been mired. Overnight, thanks to Claire's donation, the town becomes a prosperous city, bustling with activity. After having bid farewell to their benefactress, the townspeople give thanks to God, asking that their new, sacred possessions, be protected.

Article from the Bowdoin Orient.